niqab The Niqab – Yes or No? (10/6/2015) - Note: The following article expresses the views of the author and may not represent the views of all HAAM members. I have no use for any religion – to me, Islam and Christianity are on equal playing fields. I think both are equally dangerous, and both have done tremendous harm to humanity. Without going too […]
Arthur Schafer Is it Ethical to Talk Someone Out of their Faith? (8/11/2015) - The Presentation: At our May meeting, University of Manitoba philosophy Professor Arthur Schafer was asked whether it is ethical to try to talk people out of their religion if it gives them comfort. He answered the question decisively by emphatically stating that not only is it ethical to talk people out of superstitious beliefs; it […]
This image taken from the Child Evangelism Fellowship's website states their mission quite plainly. Should Proselytization of Children be allowed in our Public Schools? (5/3/2015) -   1976 was my last year at Principal Sparling, a little elementary school in the West End of Winnipeg. It was also the first year that Winnipeg #1 School Division did not open the morning exercises with the Lord’s Prayer or Christian Bible readings. There would be no more kids with the name Goldberg, Mahmoud, […]
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