This image taken from the Child Evangelism Fellowship's website states their mission quite plainly. Should Proselytization of Children be allowed in our Public Schools? (5/3/2015) -   1976 was my last year at Principal Sparling, a little elementary school in the West End of Winnipeg. It was also the first year that Winnipeg #1 School Division did not open the morning exercises with the Lord’s Prayer or Christian Bible readings. There would be no more kids with the name Goldberg, Mahmoud, […]
nothing-written-in-stone-relative-morality Messy Muddled Morality (2/6/2015) -   For many religious people there is comfort in the belief that moral questions have all been answered by their holy books. I can see the appeal of rules and structure, in that following a recipe will lead to the desired outcome. It must be nice for them to be able to open a book […]
Je Suis Charlie Je Suis Charlie (1/21/2015) - Je Suis Charlie For the record, as a statement of our values, we at HAAM wholeheartedly denounce the violence wrought in Paris, France, by terrorists who attacked the offices of Charlie Hebdo. This cold-blooded act of murder is offensive to our beliefs and is causing us much heartache and grief. Our sympathies go out to […]